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Following the truly insane inundation of sequels for the last two seasons, Summer 2021 is actually looking decently light for continuing shows. Maybe it’s that all the COVID delays are finally out the door, maybe it’s just the vacuum created by so, so many shows airing in the first half of this year, but I think a less-packed season is in everybody’s best interest.

We’ve got five (six, technically, we bent the rules because someone wanted to rant about Million Lives) on the docket, but let’s be real. Only one of them matters. You know why we’re here.

Arcane’s Final Thoughts — 2020 Long Shows

While 2020 did end up eventually being pretty dang good for seasonal, one-cour shows, it didn’t quite deluge us with their longer counterparts the way the previous year did. 2020 didn’t really have a Shield Hero or a Demon Slayer, but it did have a ton of sequels (…most of which I did not get to, because I had already dropped them) and the end of a few notable long-runners (Ahiru no Sora went on for a full year, and Ace of Diamond Act 2 and Gegege no Kitarou even longer).

Since this…

From baskets of fruits, to lands of zombies.

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After the absolute deluge of Winter (largely caused by continuing fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic), Spring 2021 brings us much fewer titles, but no fewer heavy-hitters. From the highly-anticipated conclusion to Fruits Basket, to the totally-out-of-nowhere Hetalia World Stars and sequels to cult hits Megalobox and Zombie Land Saga (oh, and My Hero Academia is here again too), we’re here as usual to bring you our thoughts on their predecessors and whether these shows are worth the time you’ll need to catch up. (Except for Hetalia, because we have no idea!)


Oh, dang, where’d the time go?

I haven’t written one of these wrap-up guides since Winter last year, because let’s be real, 2020 in anime was…a time. Half the year was basically empty thanks to a pandemic that shut down a lot of things that were more important than anime studios, and a lot of the shows that were delayed were pushed to this season, so there’s…a lot to cover, and Winter 2021 is going to be no different. …

TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You

My lack of overwhelming praise for this show is gonna make some people mad.

I almost dropped TONIKAWA after the first episode, and while I’m ultimately glad that I stuck it out, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t pretty disappointed. There are people that will tell you this is refreshing for just being a light romance with little to no drama, and the romance here is sweet (maybe even a little too sweet), but that’s not really what I feel like the show was presenting in its first episode. The story…

New year, new platform, and a tidal wave of sequels means that now is an excellent time to revisit our Sequel Guide format. While previously, the AniTAY Sequel Guide was mostly objective and purely informational, in order to line it up with the tone of the rest of our content, the Guide has now been trimmed down to only the shows we really wanted to talk about, which in Winter 2021 luckily gives us a ton of stuff to write up. …

Gymnastics Samurai

I’m not gonna lie — I liked Gymnastics Samurai, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t disappointing.

Being disappointed implies that I had expectations going into this, and, yes, I absolutely did. The show was an original work by the creator of Zombieland Saga and MAPPA, a studio that has, to put it mildly, been on a fucking roll lately, and it all looked somewhat in the vein of Yuri On Ice!!, which was made by the same studio.

But unfortunately, it seems like this is more or less where MAPPA’s insane schedule ran thin this year, as it was airing…


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